How To Protect Your Home In Texas From Tropical Storm Harvey

Many weather news channels have forecast that Tropical Storm Harvey will bring heavy rainfall on areas nearby to the coast of Texas this Friday. If you plan to stay in Texas, you should make the necessary preparation to protect your home and family when the hurricane approach. It is important to have an evacuation plan that will help your family members and pets to quickly escape the area when the hurricane storm hits. You should also discuss with your family about what they can do when the storm hits.

The hurricane storm will bring strong wind that can blow open your door and windows so it is advised that you board up the doors and windows. To do this, you need to buy marine plywoods and saw them exactly to the size of your windows and doors. You should check the rain gutter and downspouts to make sure that they are clear from any type of debris. You can hire a professional for tasks like securing the roof sheathing and end gables. If your home is located by the coast, you should try to elevate it so that it is less prone to getting flooded.

Items that are at risk of being moved by the hurricane wind such as trash can, and patio furniture should be stored in a sheltered place. The hurricane is going to bring some flood waters into your basement or home so you should try to move your furniture and valuables to the attic. Small appliances should be unplugged from the main switch. All utilities should be turned off to prevent power surges from taking place. If you use propane tanks, make sure you also turn them off.

If your home is located in a high-risk flooding area, it is recommended that you purchase the flood insurance. The standard home insurance does not provide coverage against flood. So, you will need to purchase the flood insurance to protect your home from flood damages if the water enters your home. If you are interested in purchasing the flood insurance, you can visit the Flood Smart site to learn more about it.

During the hurricane, supermarket stores will be closed so you need to gather all the food and water that you’ll need into storage. You should prepare a few plastic bottles and fill them with drinking water. Bathtubs and sink basins should be filled with water. You also must make sure that the car gas tank is filled with petrol so that you and your family can quickly evacuate the place when there is an emergency evacuation notice.

You should keep on staying tune to the local area radio like NOAA so that you will be informed of the latest updates on the hurricane storm and make the necessary preparation. Your emergency kit must be fully equipped with all the medical supplies and be put in a place that is easy for you to access.

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